The meaning and symbol of sulfuric acid in dream

The meaning of sulfuric acid dreams, dreaming about sulfuric acid has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming sulfuric acid for you to sort out below.   

   Dreaming about sulfuric acid indicates that unreasonable suspicion and speculation will make you blame an innocent person.

  Dreaming to throw sulfuric acid on others means that you will be resentful for those who do not support you.

   For a young woman, dreaming that someone who is jealous of herself splashed sulfuric acid indicates that she will be distressed by hatred for no reason; for a businessman, it indicates that he will face persecution from many competitors.

   Dreaming about sulfur indicates that you will have to be more cautious in your career when faced with unfair competition, otherwise the loss will be greater.

  The dream of burning sulfur indicates that the dreamer should protect his property.

   Dreaming about swallowing sulfur, representing full enthusiasm and good health will become your double insurance for success.