The meaning and symbol of typewriter in dream

The meaning of the typewriter dream, dreaming that the typewriter has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming typewriter to help you organize below.

   Dreamed that the typewriter was beating. For men, it means that your work is smooth, business transactions are frequent, and your income will gradually increase.

  The man dreamed of the typewriter, indicating that his work was smooth and his income would gradually increase.

  The woman dreamed of the typewriter and said that she often repeated monotonous labor work.

  Women dream of a typewriter, indicating that you will be engaged in a monotonous labor service, and it is very tiring after a day of work. Dreaming of being in a printing house indicates that the dreamer will likely be slandered and insulted.

   The young woman dreamed that her lover had something to do with the printing house. The lover she will have will neither spend a lot of money for her nor willing to invest time in caring for her. She can’t figure out why he is so mean.

   dreamed of running a printing house, heralding the dreamer’s recent bad luck.

   dreamed that he was printing a schedule, indicating that he would do a lot of work for others.

   dreamed that he was printing photos of the opposite sex, indicating that he would make many friends of the opposite sex.

   Dreaming that I was printing documents, it indicates that my work will be very tiring. Although there will be progress, but I have the idea of ​​giving up. Persistence is the best way.