The meaning and symbol of Desk fan in dream

The meaning of the desk fan dream, dreaming that the desk fan has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination, please see the detailed explanation of the dream desk fan for you to organize below.  

  Businessmen dream of a desk fan, which means that it is profitable to open a new factory.

  Businessmen dream of ceiling fans, which means joining the chamber of commerce and gaining greater popularity.

   Dreaming of a fan indicates that he will get help from a friend.

  Businessmen dream of fans, which means that the business will be profitable.

The fan in the dream usually symbolizes friends, lovers, and femininity.

   Dreaming of a fan indicates that you will get the help of a friend to help you get rid of troubles and get rid of difficulties.

  Women dream of fans, and may also suggest sexual desire.

   Dreaming of a woman holding a fan in her hand means that the business is prosperous, the source of money is rolling, and there are many friends.

   Dreamed that someone gave him a fan, saying that there will be friends to help you out of trouble.

   dreamed that he would fan himself, implying the dreamer’s perseverance and confidence, believing that with his own efforts, he can remove obstacles and succeed.

   Dreaming of shaking the fan for the enemy, heralds that you will defeat the opponent, or you may be reconciled in the new situation.

   Dreaming about losing a fan, you may lose a relationship because of the volatile character.

   Dreamed that the fan was broken, beware of his betrayal, or the right assistant left. Pay close attention to subordinates in the near future and communicate more with subordinates.