The meaning and symbol of phone in dream

The meaning of phone dreams, dreaming about phone calls have realistic influences and responses, and there are subjective imaginations of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream phone calls that are organized for you below.  

  Dream to the phone is usually related to the meaning of communication and stress.

  I dreamed that the phone rang, indicating that I was under pressure in my career, or that I was about to receive important information.

   I dreamed that I was calling someone, but I never felt that I could not get through the phone, or I could not hear the other person’s words, reflecting that you may feel subconsciously impeding communication with others and feeling lonely in interpersonal communication.

Dreaming that you have been dialing the wrong phone number all the time, and I am very anxious. This dream implies that you and someone who is very important to you have communication barriers, which makes you feel very anxious; or implies that you have been close to someone. Relationship is becoming alienated.

  I dreamed that using a recording telephone would indicate that you would receive a message from your friend or be promoted.

  I dreamed that I was installing the phone, and it also indicated that I would receive good news.

Interpretation of Zhou Yi

   The telephone ringing means that your subconscious has important things to tell you. Are you afraid to answer it. This means that you are afraid of your subconscious, or of others. You should listen to your subconscious mind in order to understand the reasons for fear.

  Are you afraid of using the phone? Means you are afraid of being punished.

Psychological dream interpretation

  Dream description: The dreamer dreams of a telephone, which represents his ability to establish contact with others and obtain useful information. This involves a certain person in the dreamer’s life who has established a good relationship with him, or a certain part of his ego. If someone calls psychoanalysis: him, it means that he has some information that is not yet known on the conscious level.

  If the phone number dialed by the dreamer is still identifiable, these numbers may be important (dream number). Dreamers may realize that they should establish contact with someone in order to help the latter or get help from the latter in the future. If you dream of looking up your phone number, it means that he is having trouble organizing his thoughts about his future.

  Spiritual symbol: Because you can’t see the other party when you call, the phone in your dream means to communicate with your soul or guardian angel.

Case analysis of dreaming on the phone

  Dream description: Maybe it’s because of missing my classmates. I was playing sweater in my dream. Suddenly, the phone rang and it was a call from an old classmate. She invited me to join the alumni association of our school and hoped that I could participate. (Female, 25 years old)

  Dream analysis: The phone in the dream is a symbol of talking to people and meeting new friends. Dreaming of a phone call shows that you want someone to talk to in your heart. Dreaming that you are on the phone indicates that you are speaking out what you think. If you dream that someone is calling you, it indicates that you will meet a new friend.

   If you dream of a visual telephone, it is a symbol of career and friends.