The meaning and symbol of Counterfeit banknotes in dream

The meaning of the dream of counterfeit banknotes. Dreaming about counterfeit banknotes has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of counterfeit banknotes for you to sort out below.

Dreaming of counterfeit banknotes means that you will be in trouble when dealing with certain brazen people. Whether you accept counterfeit banknotes or give others counterfeit banknotes, it is not a good dream.

Counterfeit banknotes imply that there is a villain around you, or a business that you collaborate with a friend, the other party’s interests are unevenly balanced, occupying the top position, but have not shared the fruits with you.

When you dream of someone giving you counterfeit banknotes, you need to be careful about the opposite-sex friends around you. When you are dating, you must keep the distance with the opposite sex, otherwise you will be hurt by the opposite sex. If the married person dreams that others give you counterfeit banknotes, most of them are around Because of the entangled feelings of the opposite-sex friends, the other party is a difficult person and must not be tempted.

I dreamed that you gave counterfeit banknotes to others. Most of the time, there were nobles to help you, but the nobles themselves were unlucky. Although you want to compensate, you don’t know how to make up, so there are signs of indifference.

I dreamed of spending counterfeit banknotes, mostly because there are repeated signs in my career, and I have regrets when I am clearly negotiating with others. This is extremely bad for your career development, which is a bad omen. With words, you can stand on it.