The meaning and symbol of Gold and silver treasure in dream

The meaning of the dream of gold and silver treasures, dreaming of gold and silver treasures has realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of the dreams of gold and silver treasures for you.   

   Dreamed that gold and silver treasures fell from the sky, implying that you will get the favor of God or ancestors, if you are a married wife or a newly married bride, you will be pregnant with a smart and healthy baby.

   Dreamed that gold and silver utensils and other ornaments changed color and become worthless. It is to warn you that there will be a catastrophe in the future.

   Dreaming of gold, silver or jewellery means wealth and prosperity.

   dreamed of gold and silver treasures, said that they can sit in a wealthy life.

   Dreamed of pots and pans made of gold and silver, which means good luck.

   Dreaming of hidden gold and silver treasures will be unfortunate.

  Man dreams of gathering treasures and will cry out.

  The woman dreams about Tibetan jewelry, and she will soon be born.

  Unmarried women dream of hiding treasures and will marry a rich man.

   The businessman dreamed of hiding treasures and the business would lose money.

   dreamed that giving his treasure to others can make a fortune.