The meaning and symbol of earring in dream

The meaning of earring dreams, dreaming that earrings have realistic influences and reactions, and subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming earrings for you to organize below.

Dream earrings are usually related to identity, marriage, sex and other meanings.

The unmarried girl dreamed of earrings, indicating that she would meet her sweetheart and live a happy life in the future.

The married woman dreamed that she was wearing a pair of emerald earrings, heralding a harmonious family and a happy marriage.

If you dream that you are wearing gold earrings, it indicates that a beautiful boy will be born.

The man dreamed that his wife was wearing gold earrings, which also implied that his wife was pregnant.

Dreamed that others were wearing copper earrings, implying a decrease in income, or business failure, and a decrease in profits. In my dream, I feel that the earrings are too heavy, which makes the ears hurt, suggesting that there will be twists and turns in marriage or love, and there may be misunderstandings with the sweetheart. Men dream of wearing bulky gold earrings, which means that their characters are stubborn and narrow, stubborn and ignorant, and unpopular.

Dreaming that others give you earrings, it indicates that the dreamer will be happy.

Case analysis of dreaming about earrings

Dream description: I dreamed that I seemed to be attending a party. There was a lady wearing two big round earrings. It was very special. I only noticed her because I saw her big pair of earrings. She had her hair tangled and earrings on, and she looked classic. (Female, 27 years old)

Dream analysis: The dream of earrings is a symbol of love happiness and work progress. Women dream of wearing earrings, heralding a happy family and a happy marriage. Men dream of earrings, which means that there will be gratifying progress in work. Dreaming of others giving yourself earrings indicates that everything is going well.