The meaning and symbol of coat in dream

The meaning of the coat dream, the dream has a realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream coat that is organized for you below.

Dream jackets usually symbolize etiquette and manners in social activities in life.

Dreaming of wearing a coat means that you will ask a friend to protect your safety.

Dreaming that you are wearing someone else’s coat, you may be subconsciously, you hope to seek the protection of a friend, or use the psychology of a friend’s influence, perhaps, also reflects a certain vanity psychology.

Dreaming that you lost your coat yourself means that the dreamer has caused self-confidence because of overconfidence.

Dreamed of wearing an unfit jacket, wide and wide, suggesting that your current status or fame may not match your actual ability, you have to consider how to really position yourself.

Dreaming of wearing a dirty coat, or a stain on the coat, implies that the reputation of the dreamer will be damaged, so be careful.

Dreamed of wearing a ragged and worn coat, suggesting that you would suffer financial losses. A close friend may be in trouble, and then it will affect your life and career.

Dreamed about a very new coat, indicating that you will gain a small reputation in literature.

Dreamed that the coat was lost, indicating that you were too confident and caused money loss, too late to recover.