The meaning and symbol of Police uniform in dream

The meaning of the police uniform dream, dreaming that the police uniform has realistic influences and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream police uniform that is organized for you below.

Dreamed that he would be implicated in a criminal case if he was wearing a police uniform.

Dreamed that the police were standing, a sign of danger.

Dreamed that he was arrested and would become a favorite character of government officials.

Used to dream of the police arresting people, committing crimes many times, can make a fortune.

Dreamed that talking to the police would be promoted.

The woman dreamed of talking to the police, and her husband’s bodyguard would be injured.

But the prisoner dreamed of talking to the police and would soon be released.

The businessman dreamed of talking to the police and beware of competitors.

The leader dreamed of talking to the police, and the government and the police would respect themselves very much.

Dreamed that quarreling with the police was a bad omen, foretelling that the enemies and robbers were threatening themselves.

The unmarried man dreamed of arguing with the police and would run away with his own couple.

The man dreamed of asking for assistance, and the dreamer would be happy and safe.

The woman dreamed of asking for help from the police and was about to be released from prison soon.

Dreamed that being beaten by the police would embezzle public funds and cause heavy losses.

Dreamed that he had become a policeman and would sweep the prestige.