The meaning and symbol of sketch in dream

The meaning of sketching dreams. Dreaming about sketches has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming sketches organized for you.

I saw sketches drawn with charcoal in my dreams, indicating misfortune and depression.

If the sketch in the dream is burned to ashes with charcoal fire, it means that your future will rise step by step, and there will be many joys that others cannot interfere with.

Dreaming about drawing and painting indicates that the dreamer’s career is progressing smoothly. Everything is going according to your plan. All you need to do is to carefully review each step without mistakes.

The old man dreamed of painting, indicating that the dreamer missed some memories of his youth, hoping to have the opportunity to relive the previous people or things.

Students dream about painting, which indicates that dreamers hope that they can have more free space, instead of only learning every day, and want to do more things they like.

The staff dreamed of painting, which indicates that the dreamer’s job prospects are very good. It is a job worth doing, and the room for promotion is very large.

Businessmen dream of painting, which indicates that the dreamer’s business is on the right track. As long as there are no special circumstances, he will definitely be able to make money.

The patient dreamed of painting, indicating that the dreamer is very looking forward to a new life after getting sick. In the future, he will cherish his body exceptionally and will not let him get sick easily.

Men dream about painting, which indicates that the dreamer’s future is rising step by step, and he can enjoy a lot of happiness and experience a different life.

Women dream about painting, which indicates that the dreamer’s feelings will be troubled, so you need to be decisive in your emotions and don’t be indecisive anymore.

Case analysis of dream seeing easel

Dream description: First of all, I am not a womanizer, and I don’t have any artistic talent. But in that dream, I dreamed that I walked into a studio where there were many sketches of human bodies. Since I am blind, I ca n’t see one. (Male, 31 years old)

Dream analysis: The human body in the dream indicates success and achievement. Dreaming about the human body, whether beautiful or not, is a sign and symbol of success. If you dream of a female body in a dream, heralding social success. If you dream of a male body, it indicates her commercial success. But if you dream of a carnal body, you’d better be free from love, so as not to cause pain and sorrow. In addition, dreaming about the back symbolizes the solution of the problem. Dreaming about the waist, heralds an economic source. Dreaming of the abdomen indicates success, and also reminds you to beware of the villain. Dreaming of the navel symbolizes adventure and new love. Dreaming about the hips implies that you must guard against deception.