Case Study of Dreaming of Areca

Betel nut owner succeeds. Betel nut quenches thirst and relieves heat, symbolizing the lifting of difficulties and success.

I dreamed of betel nut, indicating a fortune, or about to overcome difficulties and achieve success.

I dreamed that eating betel nut on your own indicates that your career is independent, you will no longer rely on friends, you can stand on your own.

I dreamed that someone was giving away betel nuts, indicating that you might soon get married.

I dreamed that I was picking betel nuts, beware that I might suffer losses.

I dreamed of buying betel nuts, indicating that there would be VIPs at home.

I dreamed that men and women were divided into betel nuts, beware that you might be attacked by frame.

The unmarried man dreamed that the lover gave himself a betel nut, indicating that the love was happy and the marriage was successful.

I dreamed of betel nut to my girlfriend, indicating that you might break up.

The patient dreams of chewing betel nut, which indicates that they will quarrel with the doctor and the condition will worsen.

Businessmen dreamed that betel nuts were scattered from their hands, indicating that business would suffer severe setbacks.

I dreamed of sending betel nuts to the enemy, which indicated that the enemy might bring you great losses. Be careful.

A man dreams of sending betel nut to a woman, which foreshadows friendship of the opposite sex, and you will have a confidant.