The meaning and symbol of Transcript in dream

The meaning of transcript dreams. Dreaming about transcripts has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming transcripts for you to organize below.

The dream of transcripts is a dream with the opposite meaning.

Dream in your dreams, indicating that you are thinking about your academic performance.

If you dream of a particularly good grade, it is reminding you to stop being arrogant and restless.

If you dream of poor grades, it is an anti-dream, which indicates that you will achieve better grades.

Dreamed of taking the exam, auspicious, and would be lucky.

Dreaming of being proctored, will be famous in the world.

Candidates dreamed that the test failed, and the test will get a good score.

Dreamed that he was kicked out of the examination room and would fall off the list.