The Meaning of Organ enlargement in Dreams

Dreaming that the genitals are getting bigger or smaller may suggest an increase or decrease in power, strength, or vitality.

Dreaming of the genitals may mean repressed sexual desire, indicating that you are eager to have sex.

I dreamed of exposing my genitals to others and expressing sexual hunger.

Dreaming of sexual organs is sick, usually suggesting that private life is not checked, but sexual life is excessive. But if you dream of genital pain, it is likely to suggest that you are really sick, it is best to go to the hospital to check.

Dreaming of genital mutilation, on the one hand, may hint at the inner fear of losing power, sexual ability, or vitality. On the other hand, it is possible to suggest that the child or himself will be hurt, and even the son will encounter an accident.

At the same time, according to the traditional dream interpretation, the testicles also suggest children, if you dream of testicular lesions, it may indicate that your child will encounter an accident.

Dreaming that no testicles or testicles have been cut off may indicate that there are no children or children.

Dreaming that you have two or more genitals, it is also possible to suggest that people are prosperous and powerful.

A woman dreams of the genitals and may also suggest menstruation and hope to become pregnant.

A woman dreams of her boyfriend’s genitals, indicating that she is not satisfied with her lover’s sexual ability.

A woman dreams of castration of a man, reflecting the potential potential of the inner body above the other party, conquering the other’s wishes.

Men dream that the genitals may also symbolize male power, suggesting rights, vitality, and so on.

Dreaming that the chest is getting bigger, indicating that there are some problems in health, you should hurry to do a health check, and pay attention to body maintenance and exercise.

Dreaming that the chest is getting bigger, prompting you to strengthen your courage.

Dreaming of a big nose, a day of restlessness! Today, some of your heart has not yet made up your mind, like a nest in your heart. In fact, suffering from loss and not giving up is the biggest enemy that affects your decision. Try to write down the gains and losses on paper, and compare them sensibly. You should have a clear answer! Night is the most intense period of psychological activity today, be careful of insomnia.