The meaning and symbol of tunnel in dream

The meaning of the tunnel dream, dreaming of the tunnel has a realistic impact and response, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming tunnel to organize for you below.

I dreamed of the tunnel, which means that you are exploring something and working hard to cross the hierarchy. If you ca n’t find the exit in the tunnel in the dream, it means that this event is difficult and it takes a lot of time to resolve. If you see the bright exit, it means that you are going through a difficult period. In addition, if you are a girl and the tunnel is also the vagina, maybe some women are ill, please go to the doctor for examination.

I dreamed of tunnels, which had the moral meaning of female sex organs. This kind of dream was very common among young boys.

The young boy dreamed that he was in the tunnel and was afraid. It also symbolizes the resistance to sex. You may subconsciously feel that this impulse is sinful or immoral, and you want to escape it. Girls dreaming like that are afraid of becoming pregnant.

If a man dreams of digging a tunnel or going through a tunnel, it shows the subconscious desire for sex.

After seeing through the tunnel, Xun Meng suddenly opened her eyes, suggesting the expectation of orgasm and the thirst for pleasure.

If you walk through the tunnel and see the light at the end, it indicates that the difficult task is about to be completed.

I dreamed that the tunnel was blocked by things, which symbolizes a painful experience in childhood or adolescence, or an experience that is particularly scared, making you dare not remember.

In addition, dreaming of the train entering the tunnel also expresses your inner anxiety before facing a major event, or reminds you that you will encounter setbacks.

I dreamed that a train was coming to you in the tunnel, symbolizing that you would have health problems and change your occupation.

I dreamed that taking a car through a tunnel meant that you would be very dissatisfied with the progress of your current career and a long and expensive trip.

I dreamed of the collapse of the tunnel, indicating that the unavoidable failure would be enough to make you distressed, but what makes it even worse is that there are malicious eyes around you who are staring at you.

I dreamed of detecting a tunnel, indicating that a desperate problem would be in front of you soon for an answer.