The Meaning of secretary, clerk in Dreams

Dreaming of a company employee or clerk is usually a manifestation of daily work stress.

For example, if you dream of countless identical tables and the ambiguity of the staff, it shows the pressure from the busy city life that makes you feel breathless, as well as debt, unemployment crisis, obscurity, etc. Anxiety.

Dreaming that I am sitting in the office as a staff member suggests that the unfortunate busy days are about to begin.

Dreaming of being an insurance company employee, the business will make a fortune.

Leaders dream of quarreling with employees, indicating that you are very entangled in the emotional life in the near future, it is easy to present a scene of a farce, and in the end, you can not understand your feelings, suggest that you should settle down what you do. Can escape the disaster.

Dreaming about your company’s staff, and the attitude is bad, indicating that you will accept some hardships or turmoil in the near future, I suggest you be mentally prepared.

I dreamed of my company’s staff, and my attitude was calm and funny. It indicates that your recent fortune is good. It is a good thing in real life. There is nothing wrong with it. It is a good fortune.

Dreaming of reprimanding the company’s staff, indicating that your fortune is general, you must work hard to get through the work, so you must be proficient in your career or other matters; don’t open the gap in the near future, avoid the bosses who are caught in the post. All right.