The Meaning of child, chit in Dreams

Dreaming of children, on the one hand, symbolizes your inner, fragile and pure side, indicating that you are very caring, childlike, and bright future. On the other hand, it may indicate that you will be in crisis.

Dreaming that a child is sick, or a pain, indicates that you may suffer losses due to the framed by others, experience bumps and endure a hard life. If you dream of your child getting sick, you may have to predict the setbacks in your career or encounter difficulties.

Dreaming to play with children, indicating that the work is going well, or the school life is full of happiness, and even bring love that makes you excited.

When a mother’s woman dreams of her own child, she expresses her love and concern for her child.

Dreaming of a child, suggesting that luck is beginning to go downhill.

I dreamed that the child was burned to death by the fire, but I was powerless, indicating that you will encounter serious troubles, may have a crisis of losing everything, or even seriously injured or lost your life.

Dreaming of angry children suggests that your cooperation with others is not pleasant, or that a good friend will break with you.

Dreaming of a naughty urchin suggests that your past joy and indulgence may cause trouble today. If you dream of being an unruly naughty child, it is a sign that your stupid behavior and naive evil will make you in trouble.

Dreaming of walking is followed by unknown children, suggesting that you will be in deep trouble, no matter how hard you can’t get rid of the failure, or bad bad luck.

Dreaming that a child will send you a message or a letter indicates that you may have a quarrel with someone because of a small matter.

Dreaming of a lovable child entering the house, indicating that there will be a huge gain in money, or that there will be children who are happy.

I dream that I have become a child crying, indicating that something unpleasant will happen, or that you will face a grim reality that cannot be avoided.

Dreaming of a child crying, said that he will suffer setbacks, hard life, difficult situation, or something that makes you extremely worried, and because he has no ability to change the status quo, and his thoughts are depressed and depressed.

I dream that my child is hurt and feels sad. If the child is a child, it may indicate that there may be a change or disease. If you don’t have children yet, it will indicate that some things will encounter obstacles and encounter difficulties.

Dreaming of a child’s body shrinking indicates that the child in the dream will get sick or suffer bad luck.

Dreaming of bullying children means that there will be troubles in interpersonal relationships. Maybe your privacy will be discovered by others, affecting reputation, and be vigilant and guard against villains.

Dreaming of a child you don’t know calls yourself a parent or grandparent. You hold him into your arms, indicating that you may be misunderstood, or deeply grievous, but difficult to vent.

Dreaming of a disabled child indicates that the progress of the matter will be difficult, and may eventually end in failure.

I dreamed of the child’s body in a traffic accident, or the child walking by me suddenly disappeared, indicating that your distressed things have finally been resolved, and you can seize the opportunity and start a new stage.

Dreaming of the body of a child in the coffin is not a bad thing, indicating that you will be recognized by others.