The meaning and symbol of Cocoa beans in dream

The meaning of cocoa dreams, dreaming of cocoa beans has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreams of cocoa beans organized for you below.

I dreamed of cocoa beans and warned that your expectations would be missed because the sly enemy is disguised as an enthusiastic friend and is eating away at your rights.

I dreamed that the dead cocoa tree was a sign of loss and sorrow. Someone around you will die.

I dreamed that the beans were Xiangrui.

Man dreams of beans, life will be happy and rich.

A woman dreams of beans, she will become a helper, and she will organize her housework in an organized way.

Tourists dream of beans, a car accident may occur on the way.

I dreamed that eating beans would get sick or worsen my health.

Pregnant women dream of beans, the embryo will happen unexpectedly.

The patient dreams of beans, and his condition will gradually improve.

Puppet prisoners dream of beans and will be punished with increased punishment.

I dreamed of eating mixed beans and going on a long journey.

I dreamed that when I bought beans, I would be impoverished.

I dreamed of giving beans to others, and the guests would come.

I dreamed of selling beans, Xiangzhao, and was invited to a banquet.

The businessmen dreamed of Dou, and soon they received a lucrative business, and the talks were very successful.

Unmarried man dreams of Pacman and will soon enter the auditorium with his beloved.