The meaning and symbol of Leaves in dream

The meaning of the leaf dream, dreaming about the leaves having realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming leaves to help you organize below.

The leaves are cheap. The leaves fall lightly and have no foundation, symbolizing lowness.

I dreamed of collecting leaves and would do things that looked down on for life.

I dreamed that if I wore a leaf ring on my head, it meant that the enemy would defeat myself. If you can’t solve the problem, you can find someone to help you. With the help of others, you can naturally defeat your opponent.

A woman dreaming of sweeping leaves means sweeping the lowly, her husband will be rich, and her life will be happy.

I dreamed of picking up fallen leaves and burning fire. Recently, there will be a lot of unnecessary expenses. Pay attention to control.

I dreamed of lush green leaves, symbolizing your health and prosperity.

I dreamed of withered, decaying leaves, suggesting that you might have an unfortunate encounter, or go through some troughs, and be strong.

The young woman dreamed of withered leaves, and she would be alone in the road of husband and wife. Sometimes this dream implies death.

If the leaves are tender and green, it indicates that she will gain a fortune and will marry a rich and very lovely man.

I dream of falling leaves, which often symbolizes the depression and anxiety caused by death, or foreshadows your breakup with friends.

I dreamed that the leaves were fluttering in the wind, suggesting that you should pay attention to family harmony, and there might be quarrels in the home.

Dreaming that the branches are full of fruits, or dreaming of flowers blooming on the branches, it indicates that you are rich and rich.