The Meaning of The crowd in Dreams

Men dream of the crowds and crowds on the street, indicating that the cause will prosper.

Women dream of a scene of prosperity and prosperity in the market, which means that the family is very rich and the wealth is very good.

Dreaming that I have a feeling of being squeezed in the flow of people is an unlucky dream, suggesting that the body may suffer from certain diseases.

Dreaming of a group of brightly dressed people indicates that someone in your family may hold a wedding, and friends and relatives will gather together.

Dreaming of the crowd, or a lot of people wearing luxurious costumes, means that friends and relatives will participate in their wedding, and soon they will get married.

On the other hand, if the people in their dreams are worn out and the atmosphere is gloomy, it may indicate that some of your relatives may be alienated from their friends.

If you dream of joining a sad crowd, it indicates that you will have friends in need.

Dreaming of a group of people in the church, the shadow of death will cover you, or something that is distressing will happen.

It is usually a good sign to see a group of people in a dream, if most of them are not wearing black or dark clothes.

In the dream, I saw a lot of people on the street, suggesting that the trade is extremely active, and you will usher in a prosperous day.

I dreamed of speaking out loud in the crowd, hoping that others can hear it, indicating that you will put your own interests first, regardless of the interests of others.

In the dream, I saw a hypnotist who hypnotizes others. Turning to pay attention to you, but hypnotizing you is not successful, suggesting that a disaster is about to come, and your friends are not immune, but only you can resolve the danger of approaching.