The meaning and symbol of White chrysanthemum in dream

Dreaming of you picking white chrysanthemums implies that you will be frustrated or lost. If the chrysanthemum is other bright colors, it means that the work you are doing will bring you happiness.

I dreamed of chrysanthemums, suggesting that you have a marriage, but your vision is too high, so that marriage is lost.

I dreamed of being in Ju Garden, reminding you that you may be blessed by misfortune.

I dreamed that the color of the chrysanthemum was pale, which means that you will encounter setbacks.

I dreamed of a whole bunch of chrysanthemums, suggesting that the arrow of love is about to hit you. But because your ideal lover is too perfect, you missed it.

I dreamed of chrysanthemums blooming, indicating that money will be very good. At this time, simply ask my mother to increase pocket money!