The Meaning of old man, old gentleman in Dreams

Dreaming of the elderly, on the one hand, may indicate that you will be instructed in your personal development. On the other hand, it may indicate your fear of death or mental exhaustion.

For men, dreaming of the elderly, but also hinted at the fear of their sexual decline. When you feel lost vitality, lose your fighting spirit, and exhausted and want to collapse, you will also dream like this.

Dreaming that the old man passed away, meaning a rebirth, you may wish to change your way to start a new life or change to a new environment.

I dreamt that the child became an old man overnight, saying that the child will be rich and expensive in the future, capable of superhuman ability, and enjoy high social prestige.

If you dream of becoming an old man, you can always look young in life, and you pay attention to maintenance and good health. If you dream of someone else becoming an old man, it indicates that the family is safe, life is happy, and peace and harmony.

The wife dreamed that her husband had become an old man, that her son would be independent, or that her daughter would marry, and she would be worried about it. An unmarried woman dreams of a lot of elderly people, expressing her love. If love is blocked, she must work hard and eventually get a happy life. An unmarried man dreams of the old man and says that he is physically strong and will marry a healthy and beautiful wife. If the old man dreams of his aging, it indicates longevity and the children are filial.

Children dream of the elderly, indicating that they have elders care throughout their lives, but also said that their independence is extremely poor. If you want to get ahead, try your best to exercise your independence and autonomy!

It is a good thing for a person who has made a mistake to dream about the old man. It indicates that the heart will repent and will be given the opportunity to change before or not. We must strive for the opportunity to do good things and take the right path.