The Meaning of chest, thorax, brisket in Dreams

Dreaming of the chest, according to different dreams, has different meanings.

If you see your chest getting bigger, you are reminded to strengthen your courage.

If you dream of seeing your chest, you are prompted to show yourself in a bright and straightforward way.

Dreaming that my head is on the chest of others indicates that the dreamer will make a distinguished friend, and the friendship will last for a long time. Dreaming of someone else’s head on your chest means that you will become a backing for others. Maybe you have the right now and you have economic strength.

Dreaming that you put your hand on your chest, reminding you to beware of enemies, you may have fatal injuries, or you may be in danger.

Dreaming of hitting your chest indicates that you will suffer and suffer. Beware of being involved in a lawsuit, litigation, or criminal case; or having friends and relatives pass away.

Dreaming of the chest is suppressed, indicating that you may encounter theft, or be deceived and other losses, or being left out, abused, and wronged inside.

Dreaming of chest pain, you may be confused inside, be patient and orderly.

I dreamed that my chest was pressed, or it was very painful, reminding you to pay attention to your body. This may indicate that your heart is not good. If you have any abnormalities, you should go to the hospital in time.

Dreaming of a chest injury, indicating that wealth is strong, enviable.

The young woman dreamed of her chest injury, indicating that her distress would be entangled in her. If she dreams that her chest is dirty and small, her love will bring great disappointment to her, and many competitors make her very angry. If it is white and plump, she will soon have good luck. If her lover is staring at her chest through a transparent bra, she will be enchanted by the sweet words of a passionate pursuer.

Dreaming of the chest also shows sexual desire and curiosity. Boys do this kind of dream, similar to dreaming of the buttocks, in the subconscious mind to dissatisfaction with sex and love. If you can clearly feel the dream of a chest of the opposite sex, it means that you have a strong love for a certain opposite sex. If you are single-faced to her, it may be timely to confess, it is likely to be accepted.