The meaning and symbol of thunder in dreams

Dreaming of the meaning of thunder, dreaming of realistic impact and response, and the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dreamer of the dreamer of the thunder.

Dreaming of thunderstorm masterpieces indicates that you will do things in your career that you will be eye -catching.

The prisoner dreamed of thunderous rain, indicating that he would be released in prison soon.

Dreaming of lightning thunder indicates that you may suddenly be hit, and you must be prepared to suffer failure. It may also be that you will encounter some sudden things, break the deadlock of your current life, and enter a brand new situation.

Men dreamed that there were some external factors appearing in their careers, and they might be bad, or they could develop in a good direction.

The married woman dreamed of the thunderous rain, indicating that the husband and wife are harmonious, the husband loves you very much, and you will love your husband more.

The unmarried woman dreamed that she would marry a rich husband, and she would be famous for this and get everyone’s attention.

The businessman dreams of the lightning thunder, indicating that there will be a wealth of wealth, and it is likely that there will be a large -scale business talk and a large amount of wealth income.

The patient dreamed that the electric flash thunder was thunderous, indicating that the body would return to health soon and became stronger.

The staff dreamed that the lightning thunder was thunderous, indicating that there would be some troublesome problems, but they could be successfully solved soon.

The pregnant woman dreamed that the lightning thunder was a sign of the birth of a son, and she could have a strong male baby.

Students dream of flashing thunder, which means that there are some friends around you who falsify and dishonesty, remind you that you need to be careful.

Hearing thunder in dreams may mean warning you, pay attention to the outbreak and crisis of emotional emotional. You have stored a lot of energy and always look for a valve. If you hear the thunder passed from a distance, it means that there is enough time to check the dilemma.

Psychological analysis: Lei Ming has always been understood as power and energy. Thunder and electric flashes are intertwined, symbolizing the tools of fairy. On the one hand, it shows sadness and pain. On the other hand, it symbolizes purification and clarification.

Symbol: From the perspective of psychological, the thunder indicates the anger and grievances of the immortal.