The meaning and symbol of thunder and light in dreams

Dreaming of the meaning of thunderbolt wind and rain, dreaming of thunder and light rain has a realistic impact and response, and the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dreamer of the thunderbolt.

In the dream, thunder and electricity are integrated, and the storms, it shows that my recent fortunes are not very good, but if you usually do cautiously, do not work hard, do not show up, do not show up, have a wide mind, and be great, you can avoid unfortunate things. If the dreamer is a very prominent person, or a dragon appears in the dream, it is very auspicious.

Dreaming of thunderbolt flashing is constantly, it is scary, indicating that your luck will have twists and turns, and there will be a mouthful of people in love.

Dreaming of heavy rain and roaring thunder, indicating that the dreamer’s body will soon recover.

Dreaming of thunderstorms, indicating that the dreamer’s career will be successful.

The married woman dreamed of the thunderous rain, implying that the dreamer would be more of his husband.

The unmarried woman dreamed that the rain was pouring and the thunder was roaring, implying that the dreamer would marry a famous person.

The businessman dreamed that the thunder was a masterpiece, implying that the dream would make a fortune.

Men dream of thunder and lightning. Generally, the dreamer is dissatisfied with the current working environment. It may be that the work pressure is high, and it may also feel that the current work is very boring. He wants to change to a new working environment.

Women dream of thunder and lightning, which means that people who have close relationships have lost contact. Someone may die at home, and it is best not to travel far.

Pregnant women dream of thunder and lightning, indicating that you feel like your feelings, and the other person loves you very much.

The boss dreamed of lightning, which meant the existence of conflict.

Students dream of thunder and stating that someone may need your help, or may have a dispute with neighbors, colleagues, and classmates for some trivial matters.

The patient dreamed of thunder and lightning, and he could not get reasonable treatment for a long time to endure.

The old man dreamed of lightning and implies that he was going to die. Recently, he should pay special attention to your health.

Farmers dream of thunder and stating that they will have a successful career.

The dreamed of thunder and lightning means that you are confused about some things in life and don’t know what to do.

The poor dream of thunder and lightning, they will defeat the enemy and win.

A married woman dreaming of lightning means that in your working environment, your opinions have not been heard, and you have not received enough attention.

A married man dreams of thunder and lightning, indicating that your ability will be recognized, and you will win trust and appreciation, and work smoothly.

Dreaming of lightning in a single woman may also symbolize your concerns about the current emotional relationship and disturbing mood.

Single men dreamed of lightning, indicating that they had their favorite objects.

The workers dreamed of thunder and lightning, indicating that the owner of the family or the chairman of the company would come.

People in love dreamed of thunder and lightning, which means that you use your friends.

Lawyers dream of lightning, you need to find ways to deal with difficulties.

The person who was looking for a job dreamed of lightning, suggesting that the dreamer encountered great difficulties and resistance because he could not effectively control his current work and life.

The driver dreams of lightning, which means you are suppressing your sadness.

Sales staff dreamed of thunder and lightning, indicating that the luck of job hunting was ups and downs. It may be easier, the so -called ship to the bridgehead is naturally straight.