The meaning and symbolism of thunder and lightning in dreams

The meaning of dreaming of thunder and lightning, dreaming of thunder and lightning has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of dream of thunder and lightning organized for you below.

If you dream of thunder and lightning, it represents the progress of feelings. The dreamer may feel that he is being bombarded with various things and feelings. This symbol can also represent pent-up anger.

If the dreamer encounters obstacles in a relationship, a rage can bring him relief. If you are caught in a hurtful dispute in your life, the “; thunderstorm” in the dream can clear this “; atmosphere”;.

On a spiritual level, a thunderstorm in a dream symbolizes creativity. Thunder and Lightning are the two props of the Storm God.

Dreaming of thunder indicates that the dreamer’s life may suffer a great blow, causing the dreamer to be full of fear in life and even lose hope. At this time, the dreamer’s spirit is relatively fragile, and he is tired and irritable about the chaotic and complicated things.

Dreaming of heavy thunder indicates that the dreamer’s physical condition is not very optimistic, and attention should be paid to inspection and treatment, especially for diseases such as heart disease.

Dreaming of lightning hitting trees indicates that the dreamer may have a rapid love in the near future, which will make the dreamer rekindle hope for life.

Dreaming of avoiding a thunderstorm indicates that the dreamer should pay attention to his health and treat any problems in time. At the same time, pay attention to safety when going out to avoid accidental injury.

Dreaming of thunder is very sharp and loud, indicating that the dreamer may encounter very difficult and difficult things to solve, but will soon be solved satisfactorily.

Dreaming of thunder, indicates that the dreamer may be hit by a sudden blow, which may be a big blow or a small one, but you must be fully prepared.

Dreaming of constant thunder indicates that the dreamer may be frustrated emotionally, or have constant quarrels with his lover, but if he can communicate actively and give in calmly, this relationship is still full of hope.

Dreaming of lightning hitting the house indicates that the dreamer’s expectations may be disappointed, which will make the dreamer very disappointed.

To dream of thunder in a sunny day when going out indicates that it is difficult for the dreamer to improve in the current situation, but don’t be too discouraged, perseverance will surely lead to success.