Meanings and symbols of celestial bodies in dreams

The meaning of dreaming of celestial bodies, dreaming of celestial bodies has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming celestial bodies organized for you below.

To dream of celestial bodies means that the dreamer has come into contact with some very mysterious and subtle forces that surround him and have an impact on his life–perhaps the dreamer himself does not know this.

Here are some possible meanings of important celestial bodies:

Jupiter: Generally associated with meanings such as growth, expansion, and infinity.

Mars: This planet represents energy and war, but also a sense of urgency for a cause.

Mercury: This planet represents communication, intuition and spiritual power.

Moon: It symbolizes the dreamer’s emotions and the mother’s feelings.

Neptune: It deals with human intuition and inspiration.

Pluto: controls the unknown and change.

Saturn: This planet represents the forces that hinder the development of the dreamer, and it also symbolizes the past.

Sun: The sun symbolizes the dreamer himself and the power he possesses.

Uranus: A sudden change in the role of this planet.

On a spiritual level, celestial bodies, especially planets, represent multiple meanings in dreams. As long as the dreamer learns to control, he can use the symbolic power represented by these planets.

A man dreams of a planet exploding, and pays attention to the tension in interpersonal relationships. Your words may have hurt the team’s peace of mind. If you realize you’ve said something wrong, it’s best to apologize quickly. And the money concept of the past two days also has a great impact on luck. If you are reluctant to take out the money that should be given, the poor luck will actually reduce your money luck. If you are generous, you will give out when you should, and the money will only flow in.

A woman dreams of a planet exploding. You are suitable to be a quiet audience in the past two days, and try to avoid being the protagonist of the speech. Especially to the elders, obediently and obediently, it will definitely be good or bad for you. During the day, you can try to move your body as much as possible to make your spirit recover faster. But staying home at night may have a little luck.

Pregnant women dream of a planet exploding, and you are particularly interested in high-tech work/academic projects or investment plans in these two days. Of course, scams under the guise of high technology are also the easiest to deceive you.

Dreaming of a planet exploding, urgent and thorny problems continue one after another. Although there are many colleagues around you who can help you deal with them, you still have the urge to explode and curse people. ring him. It is not suitable for communication through cooperation and negotiation, the theme keeps losing focus, and there is no consensus on many details.