Case Study of Dreaming of a Pear

Crisp pears have a reputation in Chinese traditional dream interpretation.

I dreamed of a pear, foretelling that you would be famous and that you would become famous.

I dreamed of eating pears, which means that you are healthy.

I dreamed of giving the pear to a friend, which means that you will be loved by everyone.

I dreamed that the pear tree was full of fruits, which indicated that you would have many opportunities, so take good care of it.

I dreamed of picking pears from a tree, indicating that you have the opportunity to run a profitable new business.

Unmarried people dreamed of picking pears from trees, saying they would marry a safe husband or a beautiful Duanshu wife.

A married woman dreamed of getting a pear, indicating that she would be pregnant, and would not get a smart and cute boy.

The patient dreams of eating pears, reminding you to be careful of repeated illnesses or new symptoms.

I dreamed that cutting pears was distributed to everyone, indicating that you would suffer losses due to lack of long-term vision.

I dreamed of selling pears, indicating that your business may fail.

I dreamed that buying pears is a good thing, indicating that your salary will increase, or that various incomes will increase.