The meaning and symbolism of the sun falling in a dream

The meaning of dreaming about the falling of the sun, dreaming of the falling of the sun has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer.

The sun symbolizes the hope of life and inner belief; the two suns reflect the division of inner emotions and thoughts; the rising and setting of the sun represent the ups and downs of thoughts and emotions; the sun appears in the west, which represents the desire to challenge some traditional constraints , thought patterns.

Dreaming of sunset, the sun goes down, indicates that life has reached its peak and is beginning to decline. The so-called “sunset is infinitely good, but it is only near dusk” is a warning to those who feel too good about themselves, not to be too self-indulgent.

Dreaming that the sun is suddenly covered by black, implying that the dreamer may have bad luck;

Dreaming of the sun going down, if it sinks into the sky, it means that your mother may be sick; if the sun sets in the west, it means that your career may be in a bottleneck; if you just see the setting sun, it means that if you work harder, the goal will be achieved.

Dreaming of the setting sun is a good omen. Lost the commuter ticket and was feeling sad when someone brought it back, and the two of them started…that sort of thing will happen.