Dream Case Study of Lemon

Lemon is sour, it is painful to eat, and it symbolizes contradiction or suffering in dreams.

I dreamed of lemons, indicating that you will have family conflicts and quarrels. The wife dreams of lemon and may be separated from her husband.

Dreaming about sucking lemon, you may encounter difficulties or obstacles in social interaction.

I dreamed of squeezing lemons, indicating that you may be weak in the near future and easily get sick. Pay attention to exercise and rest.

Squeezing lemons in dreams indicates a financial crisis or financial need.

I dreamed of drinking lemon juice, which means that you are very popular and have good relationships.

Unmarried men and women dreamed of piles of lemons, foreshadowing that they could find the right person.

I dreamed of biting a lemon, indicating that there may be large inputs and expenditures in terms of money. If you have huge income first, don’t be too happy, you may soon have unexpected expenditures.

I dreamed of eating raw lemons, reminding you to pay attention to your health. This is a sign of illness. You may have some yin and yang in your body.

I dream of a shrinking lemon, which means divorce and separation.

I dreamed of eating lemons, suggesting that something would make you angry.

I dream of a green lemon, which is a symbol of diseases and infectious diseases. You must pay attention to your health.

I dreamed that many lemons on the lemon tree meant that you were jealous of someone who was welcomed by everyone, but you felt ashamed because the other party was so bright.

A pregnant woman dreams of a lemon, which indicates that you will have a baby boy. It also indicates that the baby will become a very useful person when he grows up.