The meaning and symbol of celestial phenomena in dreams

Dreaming about the meaning of celestial phenomena, dreaming of celestial phenomena has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming celestial phenomena below to help you sort out.

Dreaming that the sky is falling, it is a sign that there will be a parting of life and death, and you must pay special attention to the health of your parents and the safety of diseases.

If you dream of ascending to the sky or flying to the sky, it indicates that you have the opportunity to rise above others, or to be promoted. But if you can’t get down in the sky, it means you have a tendency to escape reality.

If there is light from the sky in the dream, or golden light, it indicates that you will be promoted, or the difficulties will be eliminated, and you will be lucky.

Dreaming of a pegasus galloping in the sky indicates that your love is satisfactory and your career is going smoothly.

To dream of entering a palace in the sky indicates that you will meet a noble person.

Dreaming of falling from the sky indicates that there will be major changes or unpleasant things happen.

To dream of walking across the river in the sky indicates that you may get an epiphany in spirit.

Dreaming of sitting in a balloon gondola and rising to the sky, be careful to prevent accidents, indicating that you may encounter a traffic accident or be injured in an accident. Pay special attention when going up and down stairs, crossing roads, sports in gymnasiums, cycling, and driving.

Dreaming that the money in your hand floats to the sky indicates that you may encounter unexpected financial losses, such as pickpockets, so be careful.

To dream of climbing up the stairs to look at the sky indicates that you will have good fortune and unexpected income.

Dreaming that the sky is falling, foretells life and death, and pay attention to parental diseases.

Dreaming of ascending to heaven represents a prominence. But not coming down in the sky is an appearance of escaping from reality.

If the sky shines light, it means being promoted and obstacles removed.

If you dream of entering the palace in the sky, it indicates that there are nobles.

Falling from the sky means a big change has occurred.

Dreaming of walking across the river in the sky indicates that you will be close to the true meaning of life.

If floating in the air, it means that the mind and body are out of balance.

Dreaming of the red sky and keeping the status quo will make everything go well.

Dreaming of a black sky means that there will be disputes wherever you go, and people who are sick must pay more attention.