The meaning and symbol of lightning in dreams

Dreaming about the meaning of lightning, dreaming of lightning has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming of lightning below to help you sort out.

Lightning usually symbolizes inspiration, or indicates that things will be resolved smoothly without the slightest hindrance. In love, just like the sparks on the ground, lightning is short and dazzling, and it also has a sexual meaning, symbolizing the pleasure of orgasm and semen.

If the thunder and lightning flashes above your head from time to time in your dream, it means that you are going through a difficult stage, like walking in the dark, some can’t figure out the direction, and need the light of wisdom to shine through. But don’t worry, the darkness is only temporary, as long as you persist to the end, you will eventually defeat your opponents, get out of the darkness, and tide over the difficulties.

After dreaming of thunder and lightning, the surroundings will fall into darkness, indicating that disaster will come, which may fall on yourself or the person you are protecting. If in your dream, thunder and lightning almost hurt you with one click, you will avoid the disaster that is about to face.

Dreaming of lightning indicates fleeting happiness and short-term success.

Dreaming that lightning strikes objects around you, you also feel the vibration, it indicates that your friend’s good luck will bring you losses, or that you will feel very upset because of gossip and malicious slander.

To dream of white lightning tearing through thick dark clouds means that your destiny will be full of sadness and troubles.

Dreaming that lightning strikes yourself means that sudden sadness in love or career will make you at a loss.

Dreaming of lightning above your head declares that you will make a profit and you will feel very happy.

To dream of seeing lightning in the south indicates that good luck will smile at you, but it will pass away suddenly.

To dream of seeing lightning in the southwest indicates that good luck is coming soon.

Dreaming that lightning is in the west indicates that your future is brilliant and extraordinary.

To dream of seeing lightning in the north indicates that you must successfully overcome many obstacles in order to reach a glorious future.

Dreaming that lightning is in the east means that you can win the favor and money of others, and it is easy.

Dreaming of very dazzling lightning indicates that you may go to a foreign country for vacation.

Dreaming of lightning in the distance reminds you to be careful of property damage or unpleasant things.

Students dream of lightning, suggesting that they have a quick thinking recently and are expected to achieve excellent results.

For people with wind signs, there may be an inadvertent conflict with classmates;

For people with water signs, things that have not been decided a few days ago should be decided immediately under the shining of lightning;

For people with fire signs, if they are going to take an exam, they will definitely have good results;

For people with earth signs, if their academic performance is good, their grades in the future should be stable and improved.

Dreaming of constant lightning and unable to see the road clearly means that you have to walk in the dark, which means that the dreamer will clear obstacles through his own efforts and achieve success.

To dream of being nearly injured by lightning indicates that you can escape the misfortune.

Dreaming of thunder on a sunny day when you are out means that your work is not going well and you can only be employed by someone.

The girl dreams of lightning and thunder, indicating that her future husband will be from a prominent family.

The patient dreamed of lightning and thunder, indicating that the day of physical recovery is not far away.

The farmer dreams of lightning, which indicates that a severe drought or famine may occur in the near future.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Lightning master goes well. Lightning will never be interrupted by anything. As long as it appears, it will definitely reach its self-mark, which symbolizes that things go well without hindrance.

Psychoanalysis: Dreaming of very dazzling lightning indicates that you are going to travel a long distance, and you have plans to travel recently.

Dreaming of lightning in the distance is an ominous omen, implying loss and misfortune.

Students dream of lightning, which is auspicious sign and can achieve excellent results in the exam.

A girl dreams of thunder and lightning is a good omen. She will marry a prestigious family and live a happy life ever since.

The patient dreamed of lightning, which is an auspicious sign and the body will recover quickly.

Peasants dream of lightning, which is an ominous omen, implying that drought and famine will occur.