The meaning and symbol of fire in dreams

Dreaming about the meaning of fire, dreaming of fire has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about fire below to help you sort out.

Fire can awaken people’s strong feelings, such as jealousy, lust, passion, etc.; it can destroy everything, but at the same time it is a vast purification, giving birth to a new life; in traditional Chinese concepts, fire is more closely related to fortune and wealth. Therefore, dreaming of fire has many interpretations. On the positive side, it symbolizes passion, desire and wealth; on the negative side, it means frustration, anger, worry or destruction.

A man dreams of fire indicates that he is full of hope and confidence in his career;

Women dream of fire, indicating that they are full of love and memories for life;

Dreaming of a raging fire is a good thing, indicating that wealth is prosperous and your status is rising. For young people, it also means that you are full of hope, confidence and love for life and career.

Dreaming of feeling the fire hit you indicates that the new situation may cause you trouble. If you dream of not burning you, it indicates that there will be good news.

If you dream of being burned to death by the fire, it means that deep in your heart, you may be very afraid of this new situation or new relationship that is about to emerge.

Dreaming of a fire in your home means you will lead a prosperous life with abundant family resources and wealth. Or something else you want to get, and your wish will be fulfilled soon. Dreaming that the fire is extinguished means financial loss or loss of love

Seeing a house or other building on fire in your dreams, on the one hand, may indicate that relatives and friends will come to you for emergency rescue; on the other hand, it may also mean that certain factors that have been hindering your progress will finally be eliminated and you can start again.

Dreaming that you have come to the fire or escape from the fire indicates that you can overcome all difficulties and achieve success.

Dreaming that you rescued people from the fire, you will feel very sincere friendship. Friends will help you to share your worries, and sincerely care about your health.

To dream of becoming a firefighter to fight a fire indicates that you may have a financial loss. At this time, it is best not to borrow money from others, or lend money to others to solve the economic crisis encountered, so as to avoid disputes and feuds in the future.

Dreaming of burning mountains indicates that there may be disasters. On the one hand, when there is water difficulties, try to avoid getting close to the sea, lakes, rivers and other places with water, and swimming pools are no exception; on the other hand, there may be the possibility of theft. Be careful to keep your money and valuables before going out. Be especially careful of thieves when you are outside.

Dreaming of fireworks falling on yourself means that you are easily tempted and must use a strong will to restrain yourself.

Dreaming of fireworks soaring into the sky indicates that good things will happen to those familiar with you. But some family members will get promotion, or increase salary, etc.

To dream of a fireball flying in the air indicates that you have a keen intuition and a god-like expectation in the near future. If you are a student, you may guess the exam questions.

Dreaming of sparks of fire in the dark indicates that your new plan will unfold smoothly. If you are planning to start something or learn a new skill, you will hopefully succeed.

Dreaming that wildfires are burning vigorously indicates that there will be wealth and income. Merchants are making a lot of money and their business is prospering, and there may be a large amount of money in the near future.

Dreaming of piles of fires indicates that in the near future, the position may be promoted.

Dreaming of climbing high and looking at the flames in the distance reminds you to be careful. In the near future, you may make mistakes due to negligence, such as missed appointments at the wrong time, etc. You need to be extra careful.

Dreaming that firewood is burning vigorously means that you are falling in love with your lover, and the two are happy, like glue, and you have to meet and date every day. Be careful to stay calm properly.

To dream of walking with a torch in your hand means that your love has made great progress. The object you have been pursuing, or the person who was not interested in you at the beginning, will be moved by your true feelings. If it is a sincere feeling, long-term pursuit will eventually win the favor of the sweetheart.

If you often dream about fire, or dream of dealing with fire, working by the fire, being in a raging fire, thirsty and irritable, etc., it may indicate that you will suffer from hypertension and other diseases. It is best to go to the hospital for examination in time.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Seeing fire in a dream has many meanings. On the positive side, it symbolizes passion and desire, on the negative side it means frustration, anger, trouble, destruction, etc. It depends on whether the fire is under control when interpreting the dream. If you dream of a blazing fire, it means that you understand your energy. If you just feel hot, it means that you are aware of the strong feelings of other people.

Psychoanalysis: Fire often symbolizes purity in dreams. The power of fire can give people life and creation, and people use fire to change their lives. Sometimes, fire also instructs you to change your sexual power. If you are burned alive in a dream, it means that you are very afraid of new relationships or new life stages, and you may feel that you should be tortured for your beliefs.

Spiritual symbol: From this perspective, the baptism of the line of fire symbolizes the new consciousness and consciousness conversion of spiritual power.

The fire in the dream represents vitality and love. No matter what kind of fire you dream about, it is a symbol of the imminent success.

A man dreams of fire indicates that he is full of hope and confidence in his career.

Women dream about fire, indicating that they are full of love and longing for life in their hearts.

If you dream of flames, it is a symbol of feelings. It not only shows that there is a passion for love in your heart, but also heralds unexpected good things.

Dreaming of fire means difficulties and losses.