The meaning and symbol of fire in dreams

Dreaming about the meaning of fire, dreaming of fire has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about fire below to help you sort out.

Since primitive times, fire has been the most important property of the tribe and the object of worship of primitive humans. Our ancestors used to make fires to drive away the cold, guard against beasts, burn food and light up the dark night, so they were regarded as the most precious possessions at that time.

Dreaming of fire means that the god of luck has begun to wave to you, and your future career or family business will be prosperous. For young couples, it is generally believed that this is the birth of a child in the future.

It is good to dream of lighting a fire and lighting it all at once. Imply that your planned project or event will succeed smoothly and as expected.

If a civil servant or company employee dreams of lighting a fire, he will be promoted or be appreciated by his superiors.

Dreaming of flames rising from the sea to the sky, this is auspiciousness in auspiciousness, implying wealth and success.

Dreaming of flames from the tomb and flames from the tomb implies that you will be lucky.

To dream of burning wood at the bottom of the pot to make a fire implies that you will become famous and prosper fortune at the same time.

To dream of your body being burned by fire is good. Imply that you will sacrifice your own interests, do good for everyone, and win everyone’s respect and trust.

To dream of holding a burning candle indicates that you miss love and hope to dream of seeing the person you miss.

Dreaming of the ship being burned, if you are unmarried, there will be many proposers.

A company employee dreamed that the ship was burned, and may be promoted in the near future.

Entrepreneurs dream of the ship being burned, the career will be smooth sailing, and the business will be more and more prosperous.

It is good to dream of fire light illuminating the palace. Implying that someone in the family will get ahead, good luck uninvited, and everything goes well.

Dreaming of bright lights, if you dream of bright lights, it implies that your current career or plan will be fulfilled.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Seeing fire in a dream has many meanings. On the positive side, it symbolizes passion and desire, on the negative side it means frustration, anger, trouble, destruction, etc. It depends on whether the fire is under control when interpreting the dream. If you dream of a blazing fire, it means that you understand your own energy. If you just feel hot, it means that you are aware of the strong feelings of other people.

Psychoanalysis: Fire often symbolizes purity in dreams. The power of fire can give people life and creation, and people use fire to change their lives. Sometimes, fire also instructs you to change your sexual power. If you are burned alive in a dream, it means that you are very afraid of new relationships or new life stages, and you may feel that you should be tortured for your beliefs.

Spiritual symbol: From this perspective, the baptism of the line of fire symbolizes the new consciousness and consciousness conversion of spiritual power.