The meaning and symbol of the sudden change in the dream

The meaning of sudden transition dreams. Sudden transition dreams have real effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the sudden transition dreams below to help you sort out.

There is an obvious change in the dream, and the dream of things being transformed into forms. Most of these dreams are explanations and explanations of the transformation of consciousness. For example, when a scene changes from dark to bright, from positive to negative, a man becomes a woman, a picture suddenly has the form, color and shape of another painting. If the dreamer thinks this is a change in a good direction, then he can deal with similar situations in his own life.

There will be major changes in the growth process. This is often manifested as a sudden change in dreams, which is like slow-motion photography of a blooming flower bud.

On the spiritual level, there are changes or deformations in thoughts and behaviors, or when high-level impulses are replaced by weak reactions.

Dreaming that one thing becomes another object, such a dream may represent your subconscious desire. For example, dreaming of a car turning into a house may indicate that you want to end drifting and start a stable life.

Dreaming that the face of someone you know suddenly changes to another look, or that you become someone else or something else in the dream, usually means that you are threatened. It may also mean that someone in your life makes you feel multiple faces and makes you feel uneasy.