The meaning and symbol of dreaming that a child is gaining weight

Dreaming about the meaning of a child gaining weight, dreaming of a child gaining weight, has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation below for you to help you organize the dream of the child gaining weight.

Dreaming that your child is gaining weight will expend a lot of energy at work, as it is to improve your competitiveness, but you still have to do your own work. You can put aside your work and engage in some relaxing exercises.

Salaried workers dream that their children are gaining weight, they work in a stable state and act cautiously, but they are often not decisive enough in making decisions, and paying attention to details is a waste of time.

Looking for a worker dreaming that your child is gaining weight indicates a general job hunting fortune. Although it is expected to be favored by more companies, its performance is not stable. Some utilitarian thinking makes the recruiter more suspicious of your sincerity.

Dreaming that your son is gaining weight means that you will have a good taste during this period of time, and you will have the opportunity to eat a lot of delicious food or eat things you don’t usually eat.

A middle-aged person dreams that his son is gaining weight, which shows that your luck is very good during this period. Although it is smooth, you should avoid excessive words and deeds to cause trouble. Be humble and tolerant.

The office worker dreams that his son has gained weight and is still very motivated at work. He may become a leader of a small team, but his attitude is somewhat subjective and it is difficult to listen to the opinions of others.