The meaning and symbol of cat scratching in dreams

The meaning of Mao Naomeng, Mao Naomeng has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of Mao Naomeng below to help you organize it.

Cats are often used to symbolize a certain characteristic of a person, or to symbolize a certain person, often a woman. They are lazy, beautiful and cute. They are a little selfish, a little temperamental, a little greedy, sleepy, and a little cunning, but they are still loved by men. Because of their kindness, that kind of suppleness makes people love and affectionate. But in the same way, please don’t ignore the cat’s sharp claws. Behind the well-behaved, there are often bad omens, which may scratch people in an instant.

A person in love dreams of a cat scratching oneself scene is uneasy and impedes it, but in fact the subconscious is a fear of sex, that is to say, it seems that the “expectation” of sex is great. The cat in the dream is a symbol of sex, and this dream exudes sexual desire or the performance of pursuing love.

The staff dreamed of the cat scratching themselves, indicating that the work is not going well and a kind of psychological portrayal, and they must be wary of the villains around them.

Dreaming of being scratched by a cat reminds the dreamer that he can’t do things, and that he can’t do too much. You should think carefully about whether you have anything very important to do recently. If so, you must be very careful and pay more attention to details. Don’t cause the whole link to appear because of small problems in the details. problem.

Dreaming of being scratched by a cat indicates that you will be hurt by your competitors, enemies, or friends.

A businessman dreams of a cat scratching himself, he should pay attention to the activities of his competitors.