The meaning and symbol of nightmares in dreams

The meaning of nightmare dreams. Nightmare dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the nightmare dreams to help you organize below.

To dream of having a nightmare, you will be deceived.

The patient has nightmares and his condition will suddenly worsen.

Young women dreaming of bad dreams are auspicious signs. They will be more painful to their husbands and will become pregnant.

The nightmare depends on your mentality. Which one of the following dreams scares you the most?

You dreamed that you were taken away by a ghost

You may have a strong social ambition, or hope to get everyone’s praise and care, so that you can attract everyone’s attention through ghosts. Especially you will subconsciously think that you are taken away by ghosts and everyone is It should focus on you. In this way, your purpose of being noticed by others has been achieved. In fact, the reason why you are afraid of ghosts in your dreams is to show your helplessness. You are not afraid of ghosts. What you are afraid of is that people do not pay attention to you and just use ghosts to disguise your motives.

You dreamed that your loved ones were crushed to death by a big truck

Don’t feel guilty, you don’t really want all your family members to die tragically, but you really want to have a free and independent living space. You are dissatisfied with the restrictions and interference of family members, and subconsciously have the desire to make them disappear temporarily. , It’s just that you don’t know it. In the dream you will be afraid, it is because you feel guilty, so you can’t discover your true motives. Some people say that dreaming of the death of family members may be a somewhat ominous or abnormal omen. In fact, it is not. The dream is only to fulfill your wish. There is no morality or sin in the dream, so there will be this kind of desire to show the desire by family life and death. Dreamland.

You dreamed that there was a volcano next to your home, and the eruption destroyed your home

The reason why you have this dream implies that you may have a bad impression of your home, or that you do not like a stable life, and like the freshness and excitement in life. It is also possible that the feeling of home puts you a lot of restraint and pressure, so you subconsciously want to make the whole family a whole new transformation, but your subconscious arrangement is too scary. However, you do not have any malicious intent towards your home. You are just very simple and subjectively vent from your own point of view. Don’t blame yourself too much.

You dreamed that you had a terminal illness and were about to die

Don’t be nervous, you are not really terminally ill. You may be lonely in life, introverted and conservative, not being noticed or cared by family, classmates, and friends, so subconsciously you will dream this dream to satisfy your desire. Obviously, your wish is that everyone can pay attention to you and care about you, and terminal illness is the most sympathetic situation, so you have this kind of dream. Some people say that this kind of dream may be an early warning of cancer. In theory, dreams rarely tell you a message so directly, and it is impossible. If you are not at ease, go for a checkup.