Dream case analysis of many flies

Flies bring harassment to people, symbolizing that the enemies use indirect methods to harm themselves and perform small actions behind their backs.

I dreamed of flies, indicating that in the near future, you will join an extraordinary party. You will be very happy to participate, but you will encounter something unexpected that will make you fail.

I dreamed that many flies were omen, indicating that I would encounter a lot of poverty.

I dreamed of many flies, which meant that there were more and more enemies, and he should try to stop the enemy.

I dreamed that getting rid of flies meant breaking through obstacles in my career and achieving success.

I dreamed that there were many flies on the food, which was a dream that suggested that I or my family member was sick.

I dreamed that there were a lot of flies flying around me, and I might be tortured by someone or there would be a big dispute.

I dreamed that the flocks of flocks were fighting each other, a sign of constant gossip or loss, being slandered or framed.