Dreaming of a case study of peacock

The peacock is hi, the Lord is auspicious. Dreaming of a peacock opening a happy event, it indicates that there will be a good event.

Dreaming of peacocks carrying flowers, or with flowers, symbolizes beauty and wealth.

Dreaming of a peacock entering the nest means good luck.

I dreamed that the peacock was dancing and had good luck.

A woman dreams of a peacock opening or dancing, indicating that she may become pregnant soon and give birth to a strong boy.

An unmarried man dreams of a peacock opening or dancing, and he said that he will soon find the right person.

The businessman dreamed that the peacock would open or dance, indicating that there would be a big business and a lucrative profit.

The patient dreamed of a peacock dancing, indicating that the body will soon return to health.

The man dreamed that the peacock was lying on the ground, indicating that you might be dismissed and facing an unemployment crisis.

A married woman dreams that the peacock is lying on the ground, indicating that the husband and the child may make you worry about worry.

The peacock who dreams of screaming may indicate that life will be turbulent. The businessman dreams of a peacock call, indicating that there may be setbacks in business and losses. An unmarried man dreams of a peacock call, indicating that he may be separated from his lover and feel sad inside.

The peasants dreamed that the peacock was called, it was Xiang Zhao, indicating that it would be able to adjust the weather and get a good harvest.

Dreaming of something in the peacock’s mouth, suggesting that the enemy will kill each other, and you can take advantage of the fisherman.

Dreaming that the peacock flies back to the nest indicates that you will soon have good luck.

Dreaming of a peacock falling on a tree is an ominous sign that someone is threatening their own safety.

Dreaming that the peacock’s tail is mopping the ground may indicate that people may be accused of crimes and punished.

Dreaming of hunting peacocks reminds you to pay attention to rest and supplement nutrition, which means that your body is weak, and you should be overworked.

Dreaming of eating peacock meat is not good, indicating that you may have blood diseases and pay attention to your health.

Dreaming of a dog chasing a peacock indicates that you may be in debt and is being harassed by the creditor because you cannot pay your debts in time.

People who are working hard in the workplace to dream about peacocks may also remind you not to be conceited and too confident, to be cautious and pragmatic, and to work hard.

The woman dreamed that she had a lot of peacocks, indicating that she would be blinded by the man’s rhetoric.

When you dream of the peacock arrogantly opening the screen, it makes a harsh tweet, indicating that those who look elegant and kind will make you feel uncomfortable, and you feel uneasy about it.