The meaning and symbol of bargaining in dreams

The meaning of bargaining dreams, bargaining dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the bargaining dreams that are organized for you below.

The scene of bargaining in the dream shows that the dreamer is very selfish and always does not want to suffer.

In the dream, he is bargaining, reminding the dreamer not to be too careless when dealing with things.

Bargaining in men’s dreams means that they have no opinion and are always hesitant to do things.

Bargaining in women’s dreams means that they are currently experiencing troubles and depression.

Case analysis of bargaining in dreams

Dream description: In real life, I am by no means a caregiver, but in my dream I am bargaining. In my dream, I was buying vegetables in the vegetable market. I bargained with the owner. Later I thought the price was reasonable, so I paid. (Female, 27 years old)

Dream analysis: bargaining in a dream is to tell you not to be too careless when dealing with things. The scene of bargaining in your dream shows that you have a mentality of not wanting to suffer. Bargaining in men’s dreams is to remind you not to have no opinion when dealing with things. Women’s dreams of bargaining are telling you not to chatter in your life.