The meaning and symbol of accidents in dreams

The meaning of accidental dreams, accidental dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanations of accidental dreams to help you sort out below.

If you dream of an aviation accident, it may imply that you have recently lacked self-confidence, a little timid about life, or some loss of trust in others.

If you dream of an accident at home, it means that your family is happy and safe, and it also implies that you are usually concerned about the safety of your family.

If you dream of an accident in the office, it indicates that you will achieve results at work. This shows that you are a very enterprising person and have always been eager to succeed in your career.

If you dream of being injured in an accident, such a dream reveals a deep desire for a stable life in your heart, desire to be taken care of, cared for, or about to win a warm love.

If you dream of an accident or encounter the scene involved in the dream, such as airplanes, trains, ships, knives, fires, high places, watersides, etc., you must be extra careful, and it is best to avoid them as much as possible in the near future.