The meaning and symbol of taking poison in dreams

The meaning of the dream of taking poison, the dream of taking poison has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of taking poison below to help you organize it.

To dream of taking poison will make you feel bad.

The patient dreams of taking poison, his health will go from bad to worse.

Dreaming of poison usually means blessing, sadness and troubles are about to end, the past haze will come to an end, and tomorrow will be better.

Dreaming that you are taking poison indicates that you will forget a certain relationship or want to end a certain life.

Dreaming of someone taking poison indicates that you will defeat your opponent.

A man dreams of poison indicates that he hopes that his career frustration will end.

A woman dreams of poison, expressing her inner hope that all the unhappiness and embarrassment in family life can pass away as soon as possible.

The doctor dreamed of poison, indicating that the medical effect is significant and the income is increasing.

The unemployed dream of poison indicates that they are about to find a job.

The patient dreamed of taking poison, indicating that his condition may worsen.

The husband dreamed of giving poison to his wife, indicating that the husband and wife love and live a happy life.

The wife dreamed of giving poison to her husband, indicating that she would love her husband more, and that he would live a long and healthy life.

To dream of others giving yourself poison means that you are healthy and live a long life.

To dream of poisoning someone you know indicates that you may be hostile towards that person deep in your heart.

To dream of sending poison to the elders of the leadership indicates that you will get promotion or unexpected income.

To dream of giving poison to strangers implies that you should beware of false friends deceiving yourself.