The meaning and symbol of being caught in a dream

The meaning of the captured dream, the captured dream has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the captured dream below to help you sort out.

Married men who are caught and punished will receive both fame and fortune.

A woman dreams of being punished and wants to quarrel with her husband.

Dreaming that your case is relatively minor, but you have been severely sentenced, and the official will be prosperous.

To dream of being sentenced to hang, all difficulties will pass.

A woman dreams that her husband is being punished and wants to give birth to a girl.

To dream of a friend being sentenced, you will encounter great danger.

To dream of punishing your wife means that your husband and wife live a happy life and treat each other as guests.

Dreaming of punishing relatives and friends, quarreling at home.

To dream of a judge sentenced a criminal, will be promoted and increased salary. To dream of being free from punishment means that disaster will be imminent.

To dream of accepting punishment will lose friends and supporters.