The meaning and symbol of the harbinger of illness in dreams

The meaning of the dream of the omen of the disease, the dream of the omen of the disease has the influence and reaction of reality, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of the omen of the disease below to help you sort out.

After long-term research, medical experts have found that, removing the cause of psychological factors, certain recurrent nightmares do have the effect of predicting disease.

From a pathological point of view, many physical and mental illnesses have no obvious symptoms during the incubation period. Especially in the day when people’s brain activities are frequent and brain cells are very excited, it is even harder to detect the weak abnormal stimulus signals of potential diseases in the body. During sleep, nightmares may indicate diseases that many brain cells enter a “rest” state, and their working functions are reduced. At this time, the stimulus signals that affect cells during the day will stimulate the cortex’s relevant center, causing the corresponding brain cells to have a stress response and produce predictive dreams. Different diseases are related to different dreams, and dreams of the same disease are usually similar. Click on the answer to understand your troubles:

1. Dream of a person or monster hitting you on the head, or perfusing your facial features, etc. Tip: May suffer from brain tumors and neurological diseases.

2. Hear strange noises in dreams. Tip: There may be some lesions in the auditory center or sclerosis of nearby blood vessels.

3. Dreaming that the trachea is stuck, breathing is not smooth, and suffocating. Tip: There may be disease in the respiratory system.

4. Being chased in dreams, fear in heart, unable to call out, unable to run. After awakening, there are lingering palpitations, profuse sweating, and rapid heartbeat. Tip: It may be due to insufficient blood supply to the coronary arteries of the heart.

5. Unsteady walking, twisted body, heavy limbs in dreams, accompanied by a sense of suffocation, and will suddenly wake up. Tip: It may be a sign of angina.

6. Dream of falling from a height, but always wake up before falling to the ground. Tip: It may be a sign of heart disease.

7. Dreaming of fire scenes, such as being burned. Tip: You may have high blood pressure.

8. Dreaming about water scenes, such as floods, swamps, drowning, etc. Tip: Hepatobiliary system and kidneys may have disease.

9. Dreaming of flying scenes. Tip: There may be lesions in the circulatory system.

10. Dream of a wicked person with a hideous face. Tip: There may be lesions in the digestive system.

11. Was beaten in a dream, and felt pain in the beaten part in the dream after waking up. Tip: Corresponding viscera may have latent disease.

12. Eating strange-tasting foods in dreams still has peculiar smells in the mouth after waking up; or feeling hungry in dreams and eating a lot of foods, swelling and painful uncomfortable after waking up. Tip: There may be diseases in the gastrointestinal area.