A case study of dreaming of a lark

Dreaming of the Lark, on the one hand, means that you may have a musical talent, maybe you can go to the KTV to try out the voice, or participate in the challenge program. On the other hand, the Lark in the dream is also a symbol of happiness and success.

Dreaming of being trapped in a cage, or a wounded, dead lark, is warning you to take the initiative to care for others. Greed will cause you to lose the wealth you already have.

I dreamed that the Lark was flying and expressed lofty goals. To achieve the goal. You will eliminate selfish ideas and cultivate your benevolent and kind nature.

Dreaming of the Lark flying while singing, indicating that your new home will make you feel very satisfied, and your career will be prosperous.

I dreamt that the singer’s singer fell to the ground, saying that although your happy life is enviable, you are finally completely defeated by the despair of darkness.

Dreaming of killing a lark. Predicting inadvertent injury to innocent people during play.

I dreamt that the lark flies around and occasionally touches you, indicating that the god of destiny will smile at you with hope.

Dreaming that you set the trap to catch the Bailingwu, indicating that you will win the honor and love very smoothly.

Dreaming that the lark is eating, it means that the results are exhausting.