The meaning and symbol of rape in dreams

The meaning of rape dreams. Rape dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of rape dreams for you below.

When a man dreams of raping another woman, it usually means that he will receive good news.

A woman dreamed that she was raped, indicating that her physical health has deteriorated and she will get sick. It is advisable to relax at work and in life, pay attention to exercise and rest. If you dream of scolding a man who wants to rape yourself, it also implies that you will face strong pressure and a difficult situation.

Students dreaming of raping a woman is usually a manifestation of the stress of the exam, and it also indicates that they will pass the exam smoothly.

The patient dreamed of raping a woman, indicating that the condition will get worse, and it is suitable for a pure heart and tranquility.

To dream of your girlfriend being raped indicates that you will suffer losses.

To dream that you have been accused and committed rape indicates that you will be famous.

Dreaming that an acquaintance has committed rape indicates that the misfortune of a friend has moved you deeply.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: When a child becomes curious about his body, an important stage of development begins. In this stage, the child understands the meaning of touch, and understands the beauty of touching and being touched. If your child is treated roughly and beaten roughly, you may develop a fear of touching, and you will develop sexual barriers when you grow up. This initial trauma may be eliminated, but it often reappears in the dream at the right time. When a person is no longer afraid of pure exploration of his body, you will truly grow.

Psychoanalysis: People can deal with their sexual desire in dreams. If people ignore your sexual instincts and disrespect this way of expressing vitality, the negative side of sexual desire will be manifested in the dream. The sexual desire in the dream is a remedy for the waking state, and it represents your desire to be close to and united with another person. It seems that you want to find the part that you lost in the other person. The sexual partner in the dream symbolizes the shortest distance you can reach from the part of yourself that you have lost. If you are intact, you may not have the desire to bond with others. This kind of dream about sex conveys the information that makes you understand your needs.

The dream of rape is related to sexual behavior, and it is also related to inner trauma. In the dreams of sexually abused children, rape scenes often appear. It’s different for adults who have the same experience. Only when you are ready to face this kind of trauma, will such a picture appear in your dreams.

Spiritual symbol: Sexual behavior is the highest expression of love and spirituality between two people, or a selfish behavior of physical instinct.

A case analysis of rape in a dream

Dream description: There is a person who loves her boyfriend very much. He dreamed of being raped by a man he knew in reality who was very fond of her and had good family conditions. He said that he liked her. She has a boyfriend or a past that is not a problem. Just stay with him. After a painful struggle, she agreed to marry the man. He took her to see all the properties and transferred them to her name. The family was happy to plan the wedding, and relatives all came to ask her: “How did your ex boyfriend handle it?” How?” She was in pain and wanted to hide the past. She told her relatives: “I am tired from such feelings.” Finally, she hugged her husband and said to him gratefully: “Thank you for giving me marriage.”

Dream analysis: There is a certain suppressed desire in the dreamer’s heart. Although dreamers love their boyfriends very much now, they will get awkward due to economic and distance reasons. In fact, every woman longs for her boyfriend to be both talented and handsome and to make money every day, but reality is often far from ideal. In the heart of the dreamer, there must be a yearning for the life in the dream, and when a person dreams, his thoughts are not subjectively controlled, which means that the dreamer’s thoughts in the dream are completely free. So only in the dream, the thought that the dreamer is suppressed will burst out. As for the man in the dream, the dreamer does not need to care too much. The person who proposes in the dream is him. It does not mean that the dreamer has any thoughts about him, nor does it mean that the dreamer has changed his heart to her boyfriend. Moreover, in the dream, the dreamer The subconscious mind of the dreamer will automatically find some people or things that match the reality to add to the life that the dreamer desires. This dream represents the dreamer’s anxiety about the future and worry about the future relationship with her boyfriend. Dreamers should cherish the fate bestowed by God, let go of their concerns, and don’t affect their relationships or even their lives because of a dream.