The meaning and symbol of suicide in dreams

The meaning of suicidal dreams. Suicide dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the suicide dreams below to help you sort out.

Dreaming of suicide usually means that you are determined to end the “past me”. For example, you want to eliminate a bad aspect of your mind, forget a certain past, abandon a certain habit, or end a certain relationship, etc., and start a new life.

Dreaming of someone committing suicide indicates that life is under pressure and worrying.

A married woman dreams of committing suicide may indicate that her husband will be promoted, or become rich, her status will change, her life will be rich and comfortable, and she will enter a new stage different from the previous one.

If the husband dreams that his wife commits suicide, it means that the family is in harmony and life is happy, and you will love your wife more.

When a woman dreams of her husband committing suicide, she may be separated from her husband for a while.

Dreaming of a friend committing suicide indicates that when you encounter difficulties, you may lose the support of your friends.

The police dream of someone committing suicide also implies that there may be mistakes at work. You feel self-blame for not fully fulfilling your responsibilities, and you may be punished.

A businessman dreams of suicide indicates that a big deal will be made, a lot of money will be made, and the business will go to the next level.

To dream of the enemy committing suicide, you must be vigilant, indicating that the opponent may have a stronger influence.

The patient dreamed of suicide, indicating that the body will soon recover to health.

Dreaming of a child committing suicide, this child represents your inner childish, impulsive, ignorant, and immature self. Suicide, this reflects these stubborn and firm thoughts, but it will hurt yourself.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: suicidal dreams make you notice the violent ending of a project or a relationship. Suicidal behavior is also a sign of anger at oneself. In addition, it also signifies the end of a business or a relationship.

Psychoanalysis: From an emotional point of view, suicidal behavior in dreams may imply that you no longer have the ability to adapt to a certain situation in life, but it does not mean that you are also suicidal in real life. The suicidal behavior in the dream just means the deliberate end of a certain life stage.

Spiritual symbol: On the road of spiritual development, one must often abandon the old self. This is manifested as suicidal behavior in the dream.

A case study of suicide dreaming

Dream description: I don’t know why, these days my mood is relatively low, and even dreaming dreams of bad things. I dreamt that I don’t want to live anymore, and I am about to commit suicide. I hung a rope from the heating pipe and was about to commit suicide. My mother found out and saved me. (Female, 16 years old)

Dream analysis: suicide in a dream represents stress and depression. Dreaming about suicide indicates that you are under too much pressure and you must learn to reduce pressure for yourself. Dreaming of someone committing suicide indicates that your attitude towards life is too depressed.