The meaning and symbol of losing a tooth in a dream

The meaning of a dream if a tooth is lost, a dream that has lost a tooth has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream that helped you to clean up the tooth.

Teenagers dream of losing a tooth, which is actually a very good hint, indicating that your life will have a big turn. Why does such a dream mean change? It is actually very simple. Tooth falling represents the loss of a person’s milk teeth. In real life, it manifests as a change from childhood to adulthood. Therefore, this dream conveys the message of growth and maturity, and it also means that you will have to take on more responsibilities. A western psychology book says that teeth represent growth, and dreaming about tooth loss is because of subconscious fear of growing up.

In the original version, there is also a dream of missing a tooth, which means the death of a loved one.

Dreaming of losing a tooth is a symbol of psychological castration.

To dream of losing a tooth is also said to be a sign of poor diet or physical weakness.

To dream of losing a tooth indicates that you or someone around you will be sick and will lose your job, which means that you are afraid of losing your charm or being separated from your parents…

To dream of losing a tooth may also mean that the original firm belief may have been shaken.

Dreaming of losing a tooth may also symbolize the desire to lose weight.