The meaning and symbol of weakness in dreams

The meaning of weak and weak dreams, weak and weak dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the weak and weak dreams that will help you sort out below.

In the dream, you feel that you have weak hands and feet, and you are unable to do anything, indicating that your career is not going well and you are psychologically depressed. After having this dream, you should seek to improve your mental outlook.

Dreaming of weakness in your hands and feet means that you are not going well at work and are upset. You should refresh yourself and increase your self-confidence first, and you will naturally find new ways.

Dreaming of weakness in the hands and feet implies that you should pay special attention to your health or bear the pain, but it is usually a good sign.

To dream of weakness in the hands and feet indicates good health and good life.

To dream of weakness in hands and feet implies that you may lose the help of your friends.

Dreaming of weak hands and feet indicates that the enemy is strong and you will be defeated by the enemy.

The student dreamed of weakness in his hands and feet, suggesting that he urged the student to hurry up to study, otherwise his grades would decline.