The meaning and symbol of a swollen face in a dream

The meaning of a swollen face is a dream. A swollen face has a realistic impact and reaction, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the swollen face to help you organize the dream.

To dream that your face is swollen or redder than before, indicating that you will become a rich person.

Dreaming of someone swelling indicates that you will receive good news.

Dreaming that you are swollen indicates that you may receive bad news and make you angry.

Dreaming of getting fat on your face indicates that you will be under the shining of the lucky star in the next six months. No matter in terms of love, money, health, making friends, etc., you will be very happy.

Dreaming of a pretty face makes you happy.

Dreaming of an ugly face means that misfortune is about to come.

Dreaming of a distorted face means catastrophe is coming.

To dream that your face becomes pale or yellowish is a sign of bankruptcy.

Seeing a happy and bright face in your dream is the best sign, but if you have an ugly face, improper facial features, or winking at you, it means that troubles and predicaments are waiting for you.

For young people, an ugly face indicates that love will have twists and turns; for men and women in love, if they see their lovers much older in their dreams, this is a sign of breakup and separation.

Dreaming of a weird and scary face means that enemies and unfortunate events will appear around you.

Seeing one’s face in a dream is a symbol of unhappiness. For married people, this dream indicates a divorce.

To see your face reflected in the mirror in a dream indicates that you are not satisfied with yourself. It may be a lack of ability to complete the plan you have drawn up. This dream also indicates that you may lose the respect of your friends.